An Anatomic Guide for Kids, which based on the idea that it's a multiple phone game - intended for a groups of children, for two or more children with smartphone in their holdings.

The game using the smartphones as a layers to uncover the different body parts, to play and to learn about them, and interact with other children.

There are two modes; "Explore" & "Treasure Hunt".



Start by picking a main area of the human body to start exploring Tomy’s body. Once you picked an area, such as torso, you can begin adding phones, and discovering more body parts that can add up to a Tomy's whole body! Moving the different smartphones around one or putting it on each other as a layers diggind into Tomy's body allows to discover more parts.

This way, users can uncover Tomy’s muscles, organs, bones and different body parts.


“Treasure Hunt” 

Going on a mission to find a body organ within a limited time.
For example: “Find the liver in 30 seconds” while you randomly starting form the left foot. Scanning your phone through the leg using other smartphones and searching for the right place of the organ, the user need to add additional layers of phones in order to see the organs inside the torso. Once you find and click on the liver, you've completed your mission!


Learning about organs

While the user going to the process of layers and body parts, he can learn more information about a specific organ by clicking on it.


*The app made during the studies along with my colleague from school Roni Steiner.