Medium Desktop

Medium Desktop / Study Case


What if Medium were a Desktop App?


This Study Case made with colleague from Studies, Roni Steiner. 
The assignment was to choose an app, and to adapt it for a Desktop app, while focusing on the main features and guidelines, yet providing small fresh feature.



Mapping the main features

The first thing was to make the IA (Information Architecture) of the App, therefor I decided which pages should be featured in the Desktop version, which won't, and the new features that will be added.

From the left - the App map - From the right - the Desktop map.


High Fidelity Wireframes

Low-fed, Hi-fed, and designing

After working on a several Low fidelity wireframes (with the old school pencil and paper of course), we Moved to sketch to prepare the High-Fidelity wire-frames while working on a flow scenario of the user.
After deciding on the user flow, we started to design the main Desktop app pages, while focusing on the Medium design and color palette, and making new features.


Tool Bar.png


New Features 

We added a few new features to the Classic Medium view, which are:

  • Sidebar - with all the functions, 'new draft' button, night mode.
  • CTA - to write a new post right at the front page, with an option to open it for more editing options.
  • Words jumble - for people who feel stuck, or trying to find a conenction between their subject and something new to write on.
  • Dictionary - for a better words use, similar words, synonomes, anynomes.
  • A world map for discovering new content around the world.
  • Cheer squad - a new form of helping your friends to comment on the content before it was published, so you can write the best article with the help of others.