A fairy-tale generator.
Grimmz is a data driven project. The generator uses Grimm brothers stories a data base for editing and making a new ones.



Fairytales generator

What if machines could write stories?
What are the boundaries between creativity and automation? These are the questions I asked myself when I started working on "Grimmz", a fairy-tale generator, based on the enigmatic Grimms brothers stories and narrative patterns.


Stories and patterns?

Grimmz is a data driven project. The generator uses Grimm brother’s stories database for editing and making new ones based on Vladimir Propp's theory - a soviet folklorist that analyzed the fairytales, with a conclusion that all the fairytales based on the same narrative pattern, are made of 32 functions (31+0). I took this theory and designed a platform where you can add/remove these functions in every story and change its pattern - while the story receives a new path and narrative.


Research and sketches

After a long and enjoyable process of research and story analyzing, I started to work on sketches, wire-frames and the questions I wanted to answer in this project. In order to make it a lovable experience I decided to draw illustrations that will be presented near the functions in order to make it more magical and enjoyable processes. I decided to go for a simple layout with modern colors.


How does is work?

The functions were divided into 4 categories - Hero, Evil, Background and environment. First - you choose an old lovely story - for example the Red little cap (Red riding hood), and you can add or remove functions - for example, you can add a wedding at the end by editing the function 'wedding'. You can also change the evil character, the general background story, etc. At the end you can review the written story and see what changes were made during the editing with tracking changes feature. When you're happy with the story, you can rewrite the title of it, and you receive a landing page with your new story and the lovely illustrations featured in it.


Prototype video