Cemetery Tales

Cemetery Tales


A Lover of silence and pretty sculptures? 

An app for cemetery lovers, for those who enjoy walking at the cemetery paths, exploring the abandoned nature, magnificent sculptures, while feeding squirrels or wild cats.


Map Design using Map Box Studio

I used Map Box Studio to design the map for this project, while adjusting it to the vision I had - a simple yet sophisticated map using the bright colors as an inspiration from the grave stones and the sculptures which are mostly white, grayish, or light beige.
After designing the map, I've added the 'point of interest' which are the main graveyards in the cities, including their paths (if there is one).

I love using Map Box and always enjoy it.
You can see the full interactive map here.



Sketches & Design

I Started out with a couple of rough sketches in my sketchbook to see the main features and wire-frames and the user flow, and then I moved to Sketch to start the design and then to Principle to animate the motion and the user flow.


So what this is all about?

Not only! App users can create and explore other users favorite paths, including their 'point of interests', favorite places at the cemetery, hidden corners, and see photos of this users, so they can be sure they at the exact point, if it is something hidden.

You can also like the paths, you can see the paths you already did, create your paths, search different cities or cemetery.